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In less than two hours, our webinars provide you with clear, actionable insights to master a particular topic. They're designed to have the biggest impact for the smallest time commitment.

Next Webinar: What You Really Need To Know About Markets To Ace Your Upcoming Interview

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the most important themes driving markets, what’s likely to happen for the rest of the year, and hear a few trade ideas you can pitch at interviews to differentiate yourself. pitch at interviews to differentiate yourself









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Our webinars are used at some of Europe's top universities

Top universities use our webinars to equip their students with the practical knowledge necessary to break into and thrive in the finance industry. We've already ran tens of webinars this year, helping more than 1,000 students get one step closer to achieving their career goals.

James Sefton

Professor at Imperial College London

"Imperial College London has proudly been working with InvestInU Academy since 2019. Their work nicely complements the services offered by our careers team and their focus on practical knowledge fits nicely with our objectives. They run a series of webinars, workshops and events for our students to help them bridge the gap between academics and the realities of the Finance sector as well as help them successfully land a job in the industry. We’re always very impressed with how engaging and impactful these sessions are for our students, and the students’ feedback from these sessions has consistently been outstanding."

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Bond yields at all-time lows & stock valuations at multi-decade highs…

So where can you invest to generate returns?

Do you want to see how BlackRock does it?

In this webinar, we'll go through a real-life case study of how professional investors such as BlackRock build their portfolios. We'll examine what drives equities, bonds & alternative assets & how to combine the three into a robust portfolio. Expect to put your knowledge into practice & impress your interviewers!


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What you will learn

☑️ Why most fail the “where to invest $1m today” market question
☑️ How BlackRock constructs their portfolios in real life
☑️ How to estimate future bond & equity returns
☑️ What makes alternative assets so attractive in this environment

Who's it for

☑️ Anyone looking to ace market questions at interviews
☑️ Anyone interested to learn more about alternative assets
☑️ Anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of different asset classes
☑️ Anyone keen to learn how investing is done in real life

Why you should attend one of our webinars

They're extremely time-efficient

We understand that between studying and applying for jobs, there's little time left to focus on anything else.

That's why we do all the work for you and present only what you really need to know about a particular topic in a condensed, structured format.

All you need to do is show up.

They'll make a real difference to your applications

Our insights are always clear, to-the-point and actionable.

We provide frameworks, resources and insider tips on all the topics we cover.

We also collaborate closely with more than 20 finance professionals to make sure our content is always up-to-date and relevant to you.

They're taught by experienced professionals

We're a team of active finance professionals with 15 years of experience spanning equity and multi-asset research, global macro trading, hedge funds, quantitative research, investment consulting and fintech.

Because we've sat at both sides of the table, we know what top employers are looking for.

What previous webinar participants said

“It was a fantastic session, very well structured and informative. I hope more similar sessions could be organized.”
"Thank you so much for your detailed insights & advice ‐ it was a really great session which left me feeling a lot more confident about what I want to do in my career and the recruiting cycle coming up.”
“Can we have more sessions like this? I absolutely love it! It’s very detailed and informative!”
“Thank you so much for this session. It was very helpful and useful to understand the buy‐side industry.”
“It was really good and informative! I really enjoyed the webinar and feel much better prepared for my interviews. Thank you!”

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