Phase 2: Apply for jobs & land interviews 

Learn how you can differentiate yourself and answer what recruiters are looking for 

In the previous phase, you've identified what's the right career for you. You can already pat yourself on the back because this was an extremely important decision that will have a huge impact on how you approach the next phases. 

So let's move to Phase 2, which is all about sending strong applications and landing an interview. There are three key steps you'll have to do before landing interviews:

3 steps to landing your first interview

Before we go into each step into more details, let's first analyse what typical mistakes students make when applying:

  • They start filling their applications right away instead of developing a process that will maximize their chances of landing an interview.
  • They only apply to the largest banks and asset managers, overlooking dozens of other extremely interesting opportunities in smaller firms.
  • They don't do enough research on the firm, the role and the industry before applying.
  • They don't focus on giving recruiters exactly what they want.
  • They underestimate the importance of having relevant work experience. 
  • They don't know how to use one of their most important weapon: networking.

The good news is that because most students will make those mistakes, you'll have the opportunity to significantly differentiate yourself if you do it right.

There are four steps you'll need to successfully complete before landing interviews:

Step 1: Identify more of the right opportunities

Your goal when searching for jobs is to identify more of the right opportunities, and there are 4 ways that will help you do so:

Step 2: Leverage Or Create Relevant Work Experience

Recruiters put a lot of importance on your work experience. 

The good news is that work experience doesn't necessarily mean doing an internship or working for a few years.

What they want to know is how passionate you really are about investing, how result-driven you are, how well you can work in a team, and how well you can communicate. 

So if you don't have relevant work experience yet, you can create your own. For example, you could:

  • Write a comprehensive research report on a stock and publish it
  • Create a full valuation model of a company
  • Research & develop a systematic trading strategy
  • Show how you manage your own personal account and walk them over your investment process
  • Start a blog on markets or how you think about investing

Undertaking your own project will not only help you differentiate yourself but will also help you  network more easily (by using your project as a hook) and will significantly strengthen your CV and application.

That step might be the most important one of Phase 2, particularly if you don't have a top university or internship on your CV. 

If you're interested in really differentiating yourself by undertaking a professional investment project, we can help you. Click below if you want to learn more about how we can help you writing a professional research report, develop a trading strategy or build a valuation model. 

I'm interested to know more

Step 3: Build A Killer CV & Cover Letter

Stay put - we're working on a video explaining everything you need to know about building a killer CV & Cover Letter! In the meantime, that's something we offer as part of our coaching packages. 

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