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The Complete Guide to Investment Careers in Equities

From showing you what it’s practically like to work in different roles to preparing you for interviews, this online course contains everything you need to land the most sought-after equity jobs in the investment industry


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Who's it for

Students applying to the investment industry
Current professionals interested in a career change
Anyone wanting to learn how working in the investment industry is really like
Anybody wanting to work in equities but unsure about what they want to do exactly

What's included

Over 6 hours of video content
Multiple case studies
Recorded interviews with 3 different equity professionals
Downloadable stock pitch guide with examples
Resources list

What you will learn

☑️ What are equities, how is the equities universe is split, why invest in equities and how equity mandates are typically structured

☑️ What it’s like to work in different equity roles (analyst, trader, quant, sales), which one is for you and how to switch from one to another

☑️ The real differences between working on the buy-side and sell-side including how buy-side and sell-side equity departments are typically structured

☑️ The key trends in equities and how they impact your career

☑️ The pros and cons of working in equities

☑️ How to prepare for equity research, equity quant and equity derivatives interviews

☑️ How to structure and present a stock pitch to ace equity research and equity sales interviews

☑️ Essential concepts you need to know to work in equities such as sources of stock returns and risk, valuation, financial statement analysis, equity style premia and more

☑️ The differences behind covering different sectors as an equity analyst

☑️ And a whole lot more!

Course Highlights

Contains everything you need to land the most sought-after equity jobs in the investment industry

Course is accessible anytime and anywhere, giving you the freedom to learn when and where you want

Constantly updated to reflect the latest trends in the investment industry

Taught by current investment professionals including a portfolio manager at Wells Fargo and a former equity analyst at Fidelity

Plenty of real-life examples that show you what it’s really like and what you need to know to work in different equity roles

An entire section on interview preparation to make you stand out and land more offers during the competitive recruitment process

Full Course Outline

Course Samples 

Example of a buy-side equity department
Switching between roles
Equity valuation



Harry Beaven

"I can say with full confidence that this is the most useful & practical course anyone wanting to land a job in equities can take. As a non-finance student, I didn’t really know what it’s actually like to work in the investment industry. Most of the information online was either too generic or too investment banking focused, & that’s why I decided to buy this course. By covering all the different roles on both the buy-side & sell-side, it helped me figure out what I wanted to do & better focus my applications. It also really helped me with my interviews thanks to an entire section on how to best prepare for these."


Typhaine Pinot

"This course does a brilliant job of showing what investment roles practically look like & how to break into those, both of which can be quite tough for outsiders. I recall when I wanted to break into the investment industry after my studies, I met with dozens of professionals just to try to understand what they do. But this course does that & more through practical examples, case studies & interviews with different equity professionals. And as an experienced equity analyst, I must say I found the course’s stock pitch guide a great representation of what the pros actually do in practice."


The Complete Guide to Investment Careers in Equities


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