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With us you'll learn:

 Why 98% of applicants fail

 What are recruiters really looking for  

 How you can differentiate yourself even if you don't have Harvard and Goldman Sachs on your CV

What questions will come up in interviews, how to prepare, and how to give impressive answers

Inside tips from top industry professionals

Why Trust Us? We're active investment professionals and know exactly what you need to do if you want to land an offer at a top asset manager, hedge-fund or investment bank.  

Start today by learning more about the key steps of the recruitment process


Step 1: Identify The Right Career For You

  • Should I join a hedge-fund, an investment bank, or an asset manager?
  • What do traders, quants & analysts really do? 
  • What skills do I need to get a front-office job?
  • Which career has the biggest potential right now?
I want to learn more about the different careers

Step 2: Apply & Get Invited To Interviews

  • Where can I find the best jobs?
  • What are recruiters looking for?
  • How can I differentiate myself?
  • How to write a strong CV and cover letter?
  • How should I network with current professionals?                                                                                                                 
How to build a killer application & land interviews

Step 3: Impress Your Interviewers & Land Your Dream Offer

  • What questions will come up in my interview?
  • What are the key markets & technical concepts I need to know?
  • How can I impress my interviewers?
  • How to prepare for assessment centers?                                                      
How can I ace my interviews and get an offer


Our latest students got offers from some of the top banks, asset managers and hedge-funds

Huanni Wu

Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs

"InvestInU Academy was one of the best sources of support I got during my applications. I gained very valuable guidance through all stages of the recruitment process, from networking to interviewing.

I particularly liked their “What you need to know about markets” and “Interview prep” webinars, which were really comprehensive and helped me a lot for my interviews.

The founders take genuine interest in your success and I cannot recommend them enough to anyone wanting to break into finance. I have accepted a summer offer from GS and I am really excited about the future. Thank you IA!"

Yilian Zhao

Rates Trader at JP Morgan

"Hi! It’s Yilian – I attended your interview workshop last week. After a successful assessment centre, I’m really pleased to share that I received the rates trading offer from JP Morgan!

Thank you so much for helping me prepare for technical and market questions.

The questions we practiced all came up in my interviews, and the frameworks you provided me really helped with questions that I’ve never seen before. I believe that’s what made me stand out.

Thanks again, I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone looking to ace their interviews!"

How we can help


In less than two hours, our webinars provide you with clear, actionable insights to master a particular topic. They're designed to have the biggest impact for the smallest time commitment. 


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Whether you're a student or a professional, our video-based online courses cover everything you need to know to break into and thrive in the investment industry. Might be your best investment ever!


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Discuss your strategy for breaking into the industry with experienced professionals – from CV reviews to mock interviews, we will make a huge difference to your chances of landing your dream offer.


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University Partnerships

We work with university careers services and student clubs to prepare students for finance careers, and already work with some of the top institutions in Europe. Let us help your students.


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Why are the world's best universities trusting us?


Azmy Rajab

Quantitative Researcher at BlackRock

"asdasd asdasd"

James Sefton

Professor at Imperial College London

"Imperial College London has proudly been working with InvestInU Academy since 2019. Their work nicely complements the services offered by our careers team and their focus on practical knowledge fits nicely with our objectives. They run a series of webinars, workshops and events for our students to help them bridge the gap between academics and the realities of the Finance sector as well as help them successfully land a job in the industry. We’re always very impressed with how engaging and impactful these sessions are for our students, and the students’ feedback from these sessions has consistently been outstanding."

Why Us?


Too many brilliant students fail because they have the wrong understanding of how recruitment works.

Because we know what top firms are looking for and what questions they'll ask, we'll help you gain a huge advantage over the other applicants. 


Our experience spans equity & multi-asset research, global macro trading, portfolio management, quantitative research & investment consulting. 

We're also in active collaboration with over 20 experienced industry professionals.


We know how time-consuming and stressful the recruitment process is. But you don't have to figure it all out yourself. Follow our steps and save time so you can focus on getting top grades.

More importantly, we'll help you reach your dreams as we know how much it means to you!

Founded by people who've been there

Stephane Renevier, CFA

Stephane is a cofounder and an instructor at InvestInU Academy. He also works as a part-time analyst at a fintech start-up. He started his career as a multi-asset analyst at Schroders before joining Wells Fargo where he was the youngest promoted fund manager and managed more than $200million in global macro long-short strategies. He's also done a number of internships including at a hedge fund and at an arbitrage trading desk. Stephane graduated from Imperial College London with an MSc in Finance and is also a CFA charterholder.  


Reda Farran, CFA

Reda is a cofounder and an instructor at InvestInU Academy. He also works as a part-time analyst at a fintech start-up. He started his career as a sell-side equity analyst before joining an investment consultancy, helping pension funds invest in different asset classes. After that, he worked as an equity analyst at Fidelity, researching and investing in stocks across five different sectors. Reda graduated from Imperial College London with an MSc in Finance and is also a CFA charterholder.